Writer seems to have missed forgiveness

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I’m writing in response to the lengthy column in Saturday’s paper called “Justice is a 2-way street, socially, biblically.” The editorial is apparently from a religious person as it is labeled “ministerial.” It is written by a seemingly self-appointed religious expert who spent a day in prison to “see what it is like.” He reported that “All the guys were in there for one reason, they broke the rules.”

Apparently the writer has never heard about the thousands of people that have been pardoned, released, found not guilty because of DNA evidence, subsequent confessions by others, etc. after as many as 30 years in prison  – – all unjustly.

He reports that that he was utterly surprised that “some inmates told them how they were treated unfairly by the system and fellow inmates.” How many studies does this author need to read to realize that by any measure of reality and thousands of statistically-valid studies based on solid evidence, that the inmates that told him about this unfairness are telling the absolute truth.

But this writer makes a lengthy analogy about how all these current inmates that stated this are no different that the people that lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. If you’re good God will treat you justly.  If we are “unrighteous” even only perceived, not true, God will kill you with burning sulfur.

What bothers me about this article has already been said, but can be summarized:

(1)  God does not condone not telling the truth; it is a sin.

(2)  No article this length and these conclusions should have at least

a single sentence devoted to forgiveness; this word is not even mentioned.

(3) Most importantly, no such conclusions should be made about the

reason God administers “justice” based on how good a person you are

ought to explain why so many virtually sinless (ex. Two year old children and younger) and righteous people all over the world suffer unjustly or die from disease, lack of food, murder, etc. more than in

the Nazi or Stalin or many other death camps or other. Next time,

author, visit a Veteran’s Administration hospital where brave people

have lost limbs, eyes, etc. defending your right to publish such a

biased article.

And remember that you, as well as all of us, sin; and

many religions teach that pride is the worst sin of all.


Walter Boyd, P.E.