APL children’s library floods

Published 12:04 am Friday, June 22, 2012



A busted pipe in the wall flooded the downstairs children’s library at the Andalusia Public Library Thursday morning, officials said.

The floors in the main children’s library and the room used for the preschool story time were covered with waters, which also flowed underneath the building.

Children’s librarian Caryl Lee Jackson said the monetary amount of damages was unknown.

“There is about 2 feet of water underneath the puppet risers, and the city is sucking it out,” she said. “We can’t use fans because the building is so old that it trips the breakers.”

Jackson said a library employee found the flooded rooms upon arrival at work Thursday.

Jackson said it’s a possibility they may have to get new carpet for the library.

“We’ll be concerned about the mold and mildew with the children down here,” she said.

The children’s library portion of the library is closed until further notice; however, Jackson has carried a cart of children’s books to the main library for those who wish to check out copies.

“If it’s not in the cart, and they know specifically what they want, I’ll be happy to put on my rain boots and go down and get a copy,” she said.

This morning’s preschool story time for children first grade and under is “a go,” Jackson said.

“We’ll just have to meet in the Dixon Room,” she said. “So come on. It’s a good thing (today’s) show is about fish.”