GOP legislature acts like Obama Democrats

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alabama Republicans in Montgomery are now acting like a bunch of Obama Democrats; they are now planning to borrow money to pay for their excessive spending habits. However, unlike the U.S. Constitution, the Alabama Constitution requires the state government to operate within its income. Therefore, the Alabama Constitution will have be to changed in order to borrow this money, and this is what the governor and state legislature plans to do.

A special election is scheduled for September, 2012, to seek approval from the voter to change the Constitution so that Alabama can borrow money, which will be used primarily to pay the salaries of politicians and public employees, and for their fabulous pensions which, unlike private pensions, are exempt from state income taxes. The cost for this special election is estimated at $3 million, and even though it is illegal, the elected politicians and public employees will probably spend another three to five million dollars in time and money, to assure its passage.

We are certainly in a depression, but why is it necessary for the private sector citizens to tighten their belts while our politicians, public employees, and retirees are living in luxury? Remember this when you go to the polls in September, and don’t be fooled by the barrage of false information that will be given for its justification.


Wyley D. Ward