Nurses showed professionalism

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I would like to recognize and commend the professionalism and teamwork of the fine nurses at Andalusia Regional Hospital. I recently witnessed their high degree of skill and readiness as a dedicated team of nurses made a real difference to a patient at this hospital. I understand that excellence is really an everyday occurrence for this nursing staff at Andalusia Regional Hospital, but on one recent day I was especially impressed by their efforts.

I was called to the second floor of the hospital because one of the nurses had noted a change in a patient. Her astute observation was accurate and the patient was immediately transferred to the ICU. There, a team of ICU nurses worked quickly and expertly. The attention given at that moment was essential to keeping the patient stable. The hospital supervisor acted to insure that the arterial blood gas test and other important tests were done with priority. The airway was made secure and the anesthesia team was prompt in arriving to the ICU to assist this patient. The ICU nurses operated the mechanical ventilator with swift skill. The summation of all of these efforts was that a skilled and professional team worked at a high level of competence to seamlessly change the life of one patient for the better.

I have worked at many hospitals over the years. These include hospitals associated with the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, Wake Forest Medical Center and also The Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am proud to say that the teamwork that I recently witnessed could not have been better implemented at any of these other hospitals. I would like to commend the nursing team at Andalusia Regional Hospital for their efforts, expertise, and excellence. This community is certainly blessed to have such a team of professionals.