Gunter announces bid for River Falls mayor position

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patricia Gunter has announced her candidacy for mayor of River Falls.

“My desire is to serve the residents of River Falls to the best of my ability,” Gunter said. “I would like to provide a new direction for River Falls, to see us not only survive, but to also thrive. I know that we can come together and grow as a community, and I am willing to work with the council members and citizens to accomplish this.”


Gunter said she believes that the city government has a “responsibility, a duty and an obligation to keep its citizens informed—aggressively, truthfully, and continuously.”

“I will take the management of the town seriously, because everything a government does, or does not do, affects its relationship with the public,” she said. “I do not know the town’s financial status, but I believe that we are missing opportunities to provide for the future of our community. I plan to institute procedures to ensure that the town operates efficiently, openly, honestly, and in compliance with state law.”

Gunter said she believes that each and every citizen of the town should have a part in making decisions.

“The majority of the citizens of River Falls are confident, generous and persevering and that is why I have chosen to run for mayor,” she said. “Those are the people whom I would be privileged and honored to represent and serve as mayor of this town, and those are the people whose support I seek.”

Gunter said she has four goals for the town’s elected officials:

• to make public announcement of all town council meetings;

• to know the town and its people;

• to identify community goals; and,

• to treat all citizens fairly.

“My husband, Larry, and I own a business in River Falls, and the future of River Falls is important to us,” she said. “I want to put my experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and working in and with the public to work for the citizens of River Falls. I welcome the input of the residents from whom I will draw my strength and support. If you honor me with your vote, I will honor you with my service.”

Gunter and her husband have been married for 38 years and have two children, Carrie Heninger and Josh Gunter, and three grandchildren.