Habitat build coming in 6 to 8 weeks

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shown is the workings of the previous Andalusia build. | File photo


The next local Habitat for Humanity build is expected to begin in six to eight weeks.

Dale Pancake, director of the Covington County Chapter of HFH, said a little more than half of the $50,000 needed is in hand to construct the county’s fourth Habitat home.

“If we can get two-thirds of that $50,000, we’ll jump on the build,” Pancake said. “And I think we can do in a few weeks.”

The new home site is a lot at College and Oak Street in Andalusia and was donated by Robert and Shelia Williams.

“It’s a very pretty site, and was one of the first properties donated to the chapter,” Pancake said. “Now, we have an opportunity to put it to good use.”

Pancake said now is the time when fundraising plays the biggest part in the upcoming build.

“We need all the help we can get,” he said. “We’re so close. We not only need contributions of materials and funds, we are also looking for anyone who has construction skills that can help with particular aspects of the build. For example, if you’re a roofer and can oversee a crew, we need you. Same goes for plumbers, contractors and the like. Join us, and help guide a volunteer. We really need people like that.

“We also need people to be on hand to help do everything from swing a hammer to sweep the floor,” he said.

Pancake said two major board contributors have dropped off the organization’s board – John Croft, who was in charge of the church relations committee, and Nancy Clark, chairperson of the site selection committee. Pancake said the board’s nominating committee will soon have two new board members.

“But we couldn’t have accomplished all that we have done this far, without the help of John and Nancy,” he said. “The two of them – we’re really enjoyed their participation, and we’re grateful for what they’ve done. Both have been a huge help to getting Habitat up and running.”

Those to be volunteers or those wishing to make donations should write to the local HFH chapter at: Covington County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 1034 Andalusia, AL 36420.