Dealers: We need used cars

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shannon Hold listens as Alan Lindsey at Andalusia Ford discusses the options inside a new Ford pickup truck.




Local dealerships are looking for a few good used cars – literally.

The search is prompted by dealers’ need to meet the growing demand for smaller, compact cars that get great gas mileage, said Stephanie Seay, J.M. Jackson’s Internet sales manager.

“We’ve put a request out on Facebook, letting people know we’re looking for models,” Seay said. “It’s not really one specific make or model, but we do ask that it’s a 2002 or better with less than 100,000 miles.

“That’s what our customers are looking for,” she said. “Things that get better gas mileage are selling great right now.”

Andalusia Ford’s Allan Lindsey said there will always be a demand for vehicles that get good gas mileage.

Seay, Lindsey and Joey Langley at Massey Automotive said while the demand is there for small economy cars, it will not replace the local need for trucks and SUVs.

Langley said he believes the local market is driven out of necessity more than economy.

“True, people need vehicles that gets great gas mileage, but that sometimes doesn’t work when you have to fit four or five kids in a vehicle,” Langley said. “Space is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Gas is going to keep going up and down, and people will adjust, but I think when they purchase a vehicle, they’re looking what fills their needs.”

“One of the biggest thing that guys want is a 4-wheel drive truck,” Seay said. “With hunting season right around the corner, the demand for those is high.”

Alan Lindsey at Andalusia Ford said for many months, the local dealership has sold more trucks and SUVs than cars. The same holds true for the other local dealership, Langley said.

“This is truck country,” Lindsey said. “This is a farming, construction and people pulling a trailer community. Usually, it takes a truck to get the job done around here, and that’s what local people are buying.”

Langley said the dealership is selling an even ratio of new and pre-owned vehicles.

“And we do purchase vehicles to keep our pre-owned stock up,” he said. “We buy them from individuals, off the internet, off Ebay, and while I haven’t done it yet, but have looked at it, Craigslist.

“When you have a demand here locally, and a customer says, ‘I want this,’ we look wherever we can to find it,” he said. “And that does mean buying cars from local residents.”