Candidates raise $19K

Published 8:57 am Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only $800 separates the fundraising efforts of Andalusia’s mayoral candidates, while Opp’s incumbent, H.D. Edgar, has far outpaced his two opponents.

In the months leading up to the Aug. 28 municipal election, candidates were required to file monthly campaign finance disclosure reports with the Covington County probate judge’s office. Now, candidates are required to file those reports weekly until Election Day.

Those reports showed that Andalusia’s incumbent Mayor Earl Johnson has raised $6,000 to date, while his opponent Blaine Wilson reported $5,200.

In June, Johnson logged his two biggest contributions – $2,500 from Energy PAC and another $2,000 from CDG PAC, each from Montgomery. In July, Johnson raised another $1,500 – $500 from Andalusia’s Ricky Jones; $250 from Goodwyn Mills Caywood PAC; $500 from Steve Caywood of Montgomery; and $250 from Goodwyn Mills Caywood Inc. of Montgomery. Advertising contributed to his $1,960 in expenses.

Wilson’s biggest contributor was local business owner Rudy King, who donated $5,000 to Wilson’s campaign. Wilson also received $100 contributions from Burl and Mary Rushing of Andalusia and Shirley Barbaree of Pace, Fla.

To date, Wilson has reported spending nearly $1,300 on advertising with local merchants at Marvin’s, Andalusia Cash and Carry and the Sign Man.

Only one candidate for city council – Johnny Godwin, who is running for the district 4 seat – has filed a disclosure report.

Godwin reported a $500 self-contribution, and spent $256.50 on signs with Pirate Graphics.

In the race to become Opp’s mayor, Edgar also raised $5,000 – receiving $2,000 from Laird, Baker and Blackstock, a law firm in Opp, and $1,000 from CDG PAC in Montgomery; and donations ranging from $50 to $500 from Opp residents Charlie Willis, Charles Burgess Jr., Jerome Rogers, and Datanet Computer Services, as well as from David Boden of Dothan, Michael J. Gaylord of Wetumpka and Richard Morrison and Greg Tilton, both of Ohio.

Edgar spent $3,898 on advertising and $ 1,115 on food.

John Bartholomew documented one contribution – $1,500 from Bomb Star Media reportedly located at 1426 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Suite A, Clearwater, FL 33677. To date, he has spent $297.50 on radio advertising with Opp’s WAMI.

The third candidate, current councilman Jimmy Rogers, is operating on a largely self-funded campaign. He documented contributions at $1,360 – which included a $1,080 self contribution, as well as donations of $100 or less from Opp residents Charles Booth, Walter J. Robinson, Lamar Gooden and Dewrell Richards.

His expenses for advertising to The Opp News, Vinyl Tech Signs and Pujol Printing zeroed out his balance.

The only other candidate countywide to file a campaign finance disclosure report was Florala’s Connie Sue Buckley. Buckley, who is running against the incumbent Hazel Lee for the city’s district 1 seat, filed a waiver stating she had neither raised any money nor spent any.