Cox family prospered through later generations

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2012

In last week’s column, the family of Elijah Cox and his wife, Florence Eugenia (Parker) Cox was featured. They reared 13 children who were born between 1876 and 1899, and they resided primarily in the Florala community. In today’s writing, the grandchildren and other descendants of this couple will be presented.

The oldest son, William Elijah “Will” Cox, was married in 1901 in Laurel Hill, Fla., to Matilda Chestnut (1880-1934). At their deaths in 1936 and 1934, they were buried in Florala’s Greenwood Cemetery. They reared the following 12 children: Henry C., b. 1902, d. 1961, m. 1921 Nealy Bell Qualls; Theodore Franklin, b. 1903, d. 1952, m. Gertie Lee Garrett; Lucille, b. 1905, m. O.B. Lindsey; Allie, b. ca 1908; William Cecil, b. 1911; Walter K., b. 1913, m. 1936 Minnie Lou Grimes; Dorman Elijah, b. 1915, d. 1964, m. 1942 Agnes Winene Parker; Eunice E., b. 1917; James Herman, b. 1919, d. 1981, m. Iola Jowers; Aubrey, b. 1922, m. 1943 Marjorie Juanita Rose; Florence Christine, b. 1923, m. 1943 Gafford McCurley; and Catherine, b.&d. 1923.  It appears that Christine and Catherine were twins.

The oldest daughter, Annie Elizabeth Cox, was married in 1900 to Daniel William Royals, the son of Lawson Riles and Josephine (Hart). Daniel worked as a farmer and as a store clerk to support his family of five children: Arlie Lawson, b. 1904, d. 1968, m. Maudie Dell Riley; Foman Franklin, b. 1905, m. 1928 Fandora Busbee; Annie Gladys, b. 1910, d. 1914; Betty Louise, b. 1915, m. 1935 Arnold Kinsey; and Hazel Florence, b. 1917, d. 1928.

The next son, John Daniel Cox, worked as a conductor for the L&N Railroad Company. He was married in 1906 to Nancy Ida Fountain, daughter of Ruben Richard and Josiephen (Howell) Fountain. They had the following children: Infant, b.&d. 1907 in Ga.; Dan Ellis, b. 1909, m. 1935 Annie Lou Henderson; Alice Faye, b. 1911 in Fla., m. 1931 Bruce Campbell Saxman; John Ferrin, b. 1914 in Ga., d. 1943, m. 1935 Olive Pauline Kimbro; and Annie Steese, b. 1918 in Opp, m. 1939 Vernon Harrison.

The next daughter, Esther Cox, was married to Thomas Russell Johnson (1880-1959), son of Henry and Bassie B. (Johnson) Qualls Johnson. At their deaths, they were buried in the Hatcher Cemetery at Freeport, Fla. Thomas worked as a carpenter.  The couple had one infant, who was born and died in 1903.

The next daughter, Fannie Cox, was married to Henry Lancaster (1882-1970), son of Joseph Cooper and Rachel Adeline (Robinson) Lancaster. Henry was a building contractor and carpenter.  He was married second to Myrtle Chisholm Roberts (1895-1985). Henry and Fannie had the following children: William Luther, b. 1904, d. 1905; Ellen Elvira, b. 1906, m. Benjamin Clayton Davis; Edna Ilean, b. 1910, m. Francis Jerome McDonald; George, b. 1911, m. Rhonalda Clary; Myrtle, b. 1913, m. Edgar Lee Busby; (twin) Maud, b. 1913, m. James Marvin Lewis; and Frances Mildred, b. 1915, m. John Ralph Stafford, Jr.

The next son, James Franklin Cox, was a conductor for the L&N Railroad. He was married to Alice Elizabeth “Bessie” McGehee (1892-1980), daughter of Lee and Alice (Patrick) McGhee. They reared the following six children when the first three born in Graceville, Fla., and the last three born in Montgomery: Florence Lysbeth, b. 1914; Mary Alice, b. 1920, m. Max Carlton Monroe; Frances Marie, b. 1921, m. Dean Lucy Chandler; James McGehee, b. 1923, m. Helen Louise Bagley; Betty Frank, b. 1925, m. Charles Louis Cooper; and Albert Joyce, b. 1927, m. Ruth Elaine Honeywell.

The next son, Ollie L. Cox Sr., was married to Frances Clifford Johnson, daughter of Francis Marion and Fannie Virginia (McLeod) Johnson. At their deaths they were buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Florala. They reared the following children: Ollie L. Jr., b. 1918, d. 1967, m. Mary Jane Wiegand; James Marion, b. 1920, m. Oneta Faye Kindrick; Florence Virginia, b. 1922, m. Rex H. Whitcomb; and Lamar Fleming, b. 1925, m. Olivia Collins.

The next daughter, Bertha Cox, was married to Cleveland L. Harrison, son of Moses Oliver ad Sophronia (Hurst) Harrison. Cleveland worked as an operator for the Gulf Oil Company. They had one daughter, Sara, b. 1929, m. Carl Edward Bush.

The next son, Neal Royce Cox, was married in 1920 to Elizabeth Josephine Clements (1895-1971), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Seymour) Clements. Neal owned and operated a grocery store. They reared the following children: Mary Neal, b. 1922; Royce Young, b. 1923, m. Mary Lucille Savage; Neill Jack, b. 1925, m. Jeannie Granger; N.L., b. 1927, m. Beverly Berney; and Martha Jo, b. 1930, m. Thomas Leon Richardson.

The youngest son, Curtis Lynwood Cox Sr., was married in 1919 to Eva Lois Whitehurst (1902-1960), daughter of Thomas James and Anna (Studebaker) Whitehurst. They reared the following children: Mary Lois, b. 1922, m. Willard Paul Johnson; Grady Lynwood, b. 1926; Curtis Lynwood Jr., b. 1930, m. Pearl ?; Eleane Jeanette, b. 1932, m. Kenneth Eugene Matthews; and Donald Kenneth, b. 1934, m. Linda Susan McLeod.

Additional generations of this family have been compiled and made available in book form to interested descendants. These relatives have contributed significantly to the growth and well being of Florala and later to other locations of choice.

Anyone who might have additional information on this Cox family is requested to contact this writer, Curtis Thomasson, at 20357 Blake Pruitt Road, Andalusia, AL 36420; 334-222-6467; or email:

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