Partnerships offer great opportunities for students

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Andalusia Ballet and Andalusia City Schools have partnered in win-win ways for the coming school year.

First, through an outreach program, the ballet is sending a teacher to Andalusia Middle School two days each week. Students will have the option of participating in dance classes during their physical education period.

Teacher Addy Gantt has designed a curriculum that integrates music that middle school students like with a study of movement and different dance cultures.

All of the students who participate will be a part of a production at the end of the school year, giving them stage experience. And those who give it the best effort, will be a part of a special weekly class at the Andalusia Ballet.

The Ballet’s goal is to both expose more people to dance, and to identify students with dance potential, giving them opportunities to develop their talent.

Secondly, the ballet has a dual enrollment agreement in place through which high school students who are serious about the study of dance can simultaneously earn college and high school credits. These students must audition for the program and can pursue their dance dreams without foregoing the high school experience. In the past, many of the most serious dance students chose home school programs in an effort to balance dance and school.

Already, the program has attracted dancers who will live here and attend LBWCC.

Both of these programs are great ways to expand the arts in our community, and are evidence of what can be accomplished when organizations work together.