Poll: Voters confident in churches, doctors

Published 12:54 am Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alabama voters have the highest levels of confidence (80 percent or higher) in churches, medical doctors, local small businesses, local law enforcement and state colleges and universities, a recent survey found.

The Capital Survey Research Center conducted a survey of 537 registered voters in late June and early July.

Voters have the lowest levels of confidence (50 percent or less) in the State Legislature, political parties, statewide newspapers, the State School Board, the Alabama Christian Coalition, lawyers and unions.

Since 1999, the first year CSRC conducted a statewide confidence in Alabama institutions survey, the rankings have remained relatively the same.

But, confidence levels in Alabama institutions has declined for every institution ranging from a five percentage drop for churches to double digit declines for 15 of the 20 institutions included in the survey.

The decline in confidence in institutions is consistent with the generally high levels of dissatisfaction shown in national and state surveys of how things are going in the nation.