Opp rezones 2 properties

Published 7:41 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Opp City Council approved two rezoning requests Monday night.

The first was to add the property in the northeast corner of Spurlin Street and Stewart Avenue to the historic district.

“The historic district allows for home offices,” city planner Don Childre said. “A man wants to put one in an old home.”

Childre said the zoning request was advertised in The Opp News, and no one made comments for or against the measure.

“It has been recommended by the planning and zoning board,” he said. “The man is currently working on renovations to improve the appearance of the property.”

A second property on Rhea Avenue was approved to “rubber band” the T-1 zoning, which is for mobile homes.

“The owner wants to put a double wide there,” Childre said. “There is already one there that was grandfathered in. There are a number of mobile homes in the area.”

Children said the planning and zoning board has recommended this.

Additionally, there were no comments about the request, he said.

-Kendra Bolling