Published 12:05 am Saturday, August 11, 2012



It’s been an “old school” kind of week in the county, and Red Level’s alumni were not to be outdone Friday night at Bobby Dye Field.

The alumni defeated the varsity 16-8.

Former standout Preston Ryce scored first for the alumni with 7:21 left in the first half, and Neil Pittman completed the two-point conversion.

Interceptions were abundant in the for-fun game.

With 1:40 left in the first, the alumni’s Troy Grissett picked off a varsity pass, but less than a minute later, varsity’s Mark Adams had his turn at an interception.

In the second quarter, the alumni’s Tyler Paulk got a pick with 10:54 left in the quarter, and the varsity’s Drew Robinson answered shortly after with one of his own.

Dee Tolbert intercepted the ball for the varsity with 56 seconds left in the half, but the varsity couldn’t do anything with it.

It was a back and forth game for the majority of the third quarter, with Adams getting another interception with 4:41 left in the quarter.

The alumni’s Tyler Ingram scored at touchdown at the end of the third quarter and Derek Lee had a successful two-point conversion, putting the alumni up 16-0.

The alumni would get two more interceptions and the varsity another before, a varsity player was able to find the end zone at the close of the night’s contest.