‘Obamabots’ upset letter writer

Published 12:09 am Saturday, August 18, 2012

To the editor:

Today as I watched the news, I saw Paul Ryan, vice presidental candidate with Romney, on the Republican party. He was at the Iowa State Fair. Then I realized someone else was talking, too. Then two state troopers escorted her away. You automatically know she is an Obama bot sent to harass. Then two more Obamabots are going through the crowd trying to snatch their signs out of supporters’ hands. The crowd stayed calm.

We all better get ready for the bullies to start showing up and trying to disrupt any events Ryan/Romney may be in.

This is not just starting. This type of Chicago thuggery comes from the textbook Obama and Hillary Clinton both learned from Saul Alinsky. We’ve seen these destructive behaviors from other Obama supports which includes the union boss standing up and smearing the Republicans; then the Occupy Wall Streeters made a wave of total destruction of any property they squatted on demonstrating in front of small businesses, causing them to either close or lay off employees because they were so offense and no customers could get in. They left each city they squatted in millions of dollars of damage and clean-up wherever they were. They were having sex and defecating on police cars, doing rugs, and raising Communist and Mao flags.

Then we had SEIU showing up at events in 2008 pushing themselves on others, being loud and disruptive. Both SEIU and ACORD were guilty, along with union workers were bused into other states to cause disruption and damages galore.

Obama, in his speech, he, too, in Iowa called Ryan an ideologue and a radical and he was part of the Washington bunch that was trying to hold up passing the Farm Bill which he told the crowd that if they saw Ryan to tell him how important it was for them to receive benefits from the Farm Bill.

If I was Obama, I’d been afraid someone would have brought up Nancy Pelosi’s little thuggery of her own to the California “Breadbasket of the World” valley that feed both the United States but other countries to a dust bowl, a desert, because she had the water for irrigation cut off because a little two-inch fish was getting caught up in the pumping station. Instead of putting some 2,000 people out of work, losing their farms and livelihoods, workers, nearby towns that became ghost towns. I don’t think anything Romney or Ryan could do could surpass this destruction.

You know the old saying, “When you’re pointing your finger at someone else, you also have three more pointing back at you.”

I guess if you’re desperate enough, you’d do most anything to make sure no one could talk about all the negatives, enormous unemployment, a $15 trillion debt you accumulated and have to try to justify making such pitiful wasteful decisions. So thank you, Democrats. You do a much better job of showing your true colors than we ever could.

Janet Beasley

Red Level