Issues for District 3: S3N

Published 12:01 am Friday, August 24, 2012

Both District 3 candidates agree this area near Andalusia Hospital needs to be upgraded.

Both Andalusia City Council candidates, the incumbent, Hazel Griffin, and Andy Alexander, agree a top issue in District 3 is the area of South Three Notch Street and jobs.

Griffin, who defeated the three-term councilman Alexander by one vote for the seat in 2008, listed the area as the third issue in the district, after job creation and personal availability to her constituents. The subject was Alexander’s first issue, followed by the Debro Hill apartment complex and jobs.

“A lot of people here want more jobs,” Griffin said. “With the creation of Sae Hae Sung, they started with 35 employees. Now, they have 250. If we can continue to reach out and bring industries in for those kind of opportunities, we would welcome them to Andalusia.”

Griffin said keeping a personal connection with the people in her district is one of her top issues.

“I feel like if I put my name out there and tell people, if they want something done in their area, I tell them to call me before they call the city,” she said.

Both Griffin and Alexander said growth must continue in the area around Andalusia Regional Hospital.

“I want to continue to focus on South Three Notch Street,” Griffin said. “We’ve already invested in that areas. It needs resurfacing, and possibly, some more signs of direction on how to get to the offices for it to be safe.”

Alexander described the area as the last piece of the city’s infrastructure in need of upgrade.

“There’s lots of construction going on with the hospital and the area,” he said. “And that’s great, but that’s the last part of town that hasn’t been upgraded. All of my issues go hand-in-hand. All issues together all coincide, because you can’t do one without addressing the other.

“Jobs are very important because this is what will spur Andalusia as far as growth and investment into the city,” he said. “The city is prepared for industry, and the last major infrastructure need is South Three Notch. Because of all of the construction going on in the area, it’s just like River Falls. If we clean it up and get the street flowing like it should, businesses will come and improve the area.

“The apartment complex on Debro Hill goes along with that,” he said. “That complex has been in planning for eight years or so. I believe it’s a good move with industry coming in at the (South Alabama Regional) airport and etc., so that we have the housing to support the people moving into the area.”

Alexander said he supports whichever plan benefits the city most – a partnership with the city government to construct the complex or allowing a private entity to do the entire project.

“Like the old saying goes – if you build it they will come,” he said. “I believe that is a fact because over the years, when I’ve been on council, when you build a park, the people will come. Build an adult activity center, and people will come. You build a playground, and people will come.

“That has been demonstrated by numerous city projects,” he said. “Andalusia is prepared for industry. I think now is the time we stop spending and start marketing our city.”