Thankful for labors

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ABOVE: Sonic’s Breanna Williams makes change for Opp’s Jeffery Bush.

For a good number of the working community, Monday’s Labor Day holiday meant a day off work. But for others, it was just another day of work.

At area restaurants, like Sonic, the work didn’t stop for the holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

Scores of wait and cooking staffs manned fryers and delivered food to those out and about Monday.

Melissa Barnes was one of those, and she and her co-worker, Breanna Williams, agreed it was just another day.

“I’ve been at Sonic for 14 months,” Barnes said. “Today is just another day.”

Emergency personnel like those at the Andalusia Police Department and E-911 manned telephone stations, answering emergency calls.

“When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, Labor Day is just another day,” said Deborah Gibson, a 10-year E-911 employee. “With this job, someone has to do it.”

At Winn-Dixie an estimated 20 people were on staff Monday, including front-end manager Bonita Connor, who said she was thankful to be at work.

“Honestly, I’m thankful I have a job and that I can come to work,” she said. “There’s a lot of people out there who don’t have one. But for us, every holiday is just like another day. People need their groceries.”

For those among the unemployed and looking to celebrate next Labor Day with a day off work, look no further than the Alabama Career Center and today’s Star-News. The center has 44 jobs posted in Andalusia and within a 25-mile radius for those with all skills. Selections range from an over-the-road truck driver to an in-store demonstrator of Straight Talk wireless phones. For other job opportunities, see the classified section of today’s paper.