Vote totals to be certified today

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Andalusia City Council will meet at noon today, Tues., Sept. 4, to certify the results of last Tuesday’s municipal election.

City Clerk John Thompson said there were 64 provisional ballots cast in Andalusia’s election. Normally, a provisional ballot is cast when a voter’s registration is in question, or if he or she seeks to vote at a new address not reflected on their voter registration.

The Board of Registrars is charged with determining the validity of those ballots. If the Registrars deem the votes should be counted, city officials will open those provisional ballots and add the numbers to vote tallies.

Election officials have no way to determine which district the ballots are in. However, the only race that could potentially be changed by the votes is Council District 3, where incumbent Hazel Griffin was ahead of challenger Andy Alexander by 23 votes before the provisional ballots were considered.