Provisionals don’t change Andy results

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fifty-eight of the 64 provisional ballots cast in Andalusia’s municipal election were counted at the city council’s meeting Tuesday afternoon, upping vote totals but not changing the results of last week’s city elections.

Registered voters who had moved or were on the voting rolls in the wrong district cast provisional ballots in last week’s election. Their ballots were sealed inside of two envelopes with their registration information visible only to the Board of Registrars.

The registrars then determined if the vote should be counted, and sent ballots back to the city.

City clerk John Thompson, who by law is the city’s election official, opened each ballot, and called out the results. Pearl Givens and Councilman Terry Powell, who was unopposed, kept the official tallies for the city.

The final, certified returns, were as follows:


Earl V. Johnson – 1,571 (31 provisional)

Blaine L. Wilson – 837 (27 provisional)


District 1

Bridges Anderson – 143 (2 provisional)

Will Sconiers – 240 (4 provisional)


District 2

Kennith Mount – 340 (9 provisional)

Duane O’Neal – 123 (5 provisional)


District 3

Andy Alexander – 129 (5 provisional)

Hazel Griffin – 156 (9 provisional)


District 4

Johnny O. Godwin – 200 (6 provisional)

Ralph Wells – 444 (8 provisional)


In other business, the council:

• approved a retail beer and wine license for CVS Pharmacy.

• agreed to contribute $1,500 to the Covington County Sheriff’s Posse toward the purchase of a tracking dog.