Utility Board in cash crunch

Published 12:47 am Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It will take a $66,000 advance from the Florala Utilities Board customer deposit account to pay its bills this month, members said Monday.

Joy Taylor, a city employee serving as an accounting assistant for the board, said the board could use the $66,000 in the $86,000 fund to “catch things up.” The fund houses monies paid by customers when opening a utility account.

“We’re in a crush to pay bills,” Taylor said. “The bills aren’t paid for August. You’ve cut expenses the last few meetings, but there is a $47,000 lease payment on the meters due next month. And the money isn’t there, if not for this revenue.”

At Taylor’s request, the board voted to set a $20,000 minimum balance on the customer deposit fund and use the funds to cover expenses.