Published 12:04 am Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PE facility could open by homecoming


If all goes well, students at Andalusia High School will get to break in their new physical education facility just in time for homecoming.

Superintendent Ted Watson said the building process has been plagued by bad weather and some change orders have backed up the process.

“I’m hoping we can be in there for homecoming, which is in three weeks,” he said. “It’s certainly not where we wanted it to be, but we are making process.”

Andalusia head football coach Brian Seymore said Tuesday it’s still up in the air on when his team will be able to use the new facility.

“I don’t know when the final inspection day is, but it seems like they’re getting closer and closer,” he said.

And until the building passes final inspection, Watson said the building doesn’t technically belong to the school system.

“We get into all kinds of liability issues there,” he said. “So, we can’t have any classes or teams use the facility until then.”

Still, Seymore said the players and coaches are getting excited about it.

“It’ll be a nice facility,” he said. “It’ll be a big deal, not just for the football program, but school-wide – band, flag girls and that’s what it’s for. I think it’ll be pretty neat. A lot of folks will have a chance to utilize it.”

Andrew Garner, Kendra Bolling contributed to this report.