Respect individuals’ rights

Published 1:45 am Saturday, September 29, 2012

To the editor:

As we gear up for the November election, we in Red Level have a mayoral runoff on Oct. 9 between Willie J. Hendrix and Deborah Hoffman.

I suggest all of you can vote, please do, because there was only one vote between them in the first voting.

The current mayor (is) Mike Purnell, who all knows lives directly across from my husband and (me) in Red Level.

We both have in our yard a metal-lighted sign supporting the candidate who we feel is more qualified and can bring fresh, productive ideas to Red Level.

Just because someone has always lived her(e) is not a qualification for mayor. I urge all of you to seek out the background on both in order to make a more informed vote. This is not a popularity contest or a beauty contest. This is a serious job that can bring much-needed outside monies to this area with their contacts, experience, dedication, gift of gab and the good Lord’s power.

I believe everyone has the right to voice their opinion and to express themselves. I try to respect everyone else’s choices, and I would appreciate the same.

I came home (recently) and found someone had changed the message on both sides of my sign that, to them, (was) pretty funny, but in reality, it was pretty crude. They know who they are, and I think I do.

Take some advice. Steer that gifted mind of yours toward a positive future. Apparently you can think outside of the box, and not putting your brain to a successful career is just wasteful.

I would appreciate giving my sign and the message the same courtesy and respect I give others.

I have two elderly parents who are both ill right now, and I came home to find these acts of genius as misdirected as they may be.

Please encourage your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances to help elect a new mayor for Red Level. And by the way, thank you whoever you are that redesigned my messages on my sign. You actually brought more visibility to it than perhaps I did.

Janet Beasley,

Red Level