Someone’s watching

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It’s Monday morning. I am on my third cup of coffee, and now I am ready for my mid-morning rant! These are actual events that have taken place in our communities around Covington and Crenshaw counties!!

We got to church yesterday morning, only to find out that some coward who is too lazy to have a real job, has yet once again attempted to break down the back door, and enter the church and steal what ever that they “could have” gotten their hands on! Yes, someone out there that doesn’t believe in God, or Karma, attempted to break into our church over the weekend sometime.

We were not the only ones!! Weed Baptist Church was broken into, an older gentleman who owns a small country store was robbed, and then a woman was attacked and robbed in Opp while she was attempting to open up her small store.

Earlier last week it happened on the road that I live on!! Some homes were broken into, and the wiring was torn out ( they were after the copper) All I can say is “what were they thinking?”

I know I may be old-fashioned and have some strange things I believe in, but breaking into a church and stealing from them, and stealing from a cemetery are a couple of things that I believe that when God gets ready for their judgment, I wonder if there is any forgiveness for doing this!

What is wrong with these people? Is this going to be another one of those cases that they will plead a mental plea to get off of the charges? Let them! Because no matter what charges are brought against them here on earth, there will be a higher price that they will pay for doing such as this!

Please keep an eye out for the elderly people, and keep any eye out at any churches, homes, other places. If you see something suspicious, report it! Note what vehicle type it was, color, even tag if you can within a close range.

Even if you don’t have a religion, you know this still bothers you! All I can say is watch out. The Leader of Security Systems is watching you…. and he sees everything!

Susan Byrd