Sweet friends, sweet music

Published 1:57 am Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am always thankful for the many blessings God heaps upon me day after day. They are too numerous to count. But some are too obvious overlook.

It was evident when I opened my eyes at 8 a.m. Monday that God was blessing us with another glorious October day. A chilly breeze wafted from the lake at Opp’s beautiful Frank Jackson State Park where my motor home nestled in a campsite. Shortly after I had retired the night before, I realized I needed more cover. I reached for the bedspread and added it to the sheet and thermal blanket and snuggled down. After a previous week of non-stop activity, I was exhausted. I was blessed and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

I had arrived at the park around 6 p.m. Thursday with hopes that a pull-through site was available. If so I wouldn’t have to back my RV into a site. A trip through the campground with my daughter in the car dashed those hopes. No pull-through for me. After I selected a lakeside site and positioned the motorhome to back in, I heard someone call my name. “Do you need help?” he asked. “Do I ever,” I replied. This person not only backed the RV into the site. He hooked up the water, sewer and electrical connections. Double blessings!

On that busy day when I spent the last half of it getting the RV ready to take to the park, two people unexpectedly dropped by. When I mentioned a problem I had discovered with a drawer, one dashed off and found parts to repair it. As soon as he walked in with the proper parts, my other visitor made the repairs. Coincidence? I think not. None of those three fellows who came to my rescue had wings sprouting from their shoulder blades. Yet given my circumstances, they seemed like three angels sent from God in my eyes. They certainly blessed me.

The man who put the RV in the site for me was one of the members of the Heart of Dixie Dulcimer Club of Opp. He and his wife came to the park early to enjoy fellowship with other members who had already arrived. Still more would come to participate in the club’s annual festival today, Sat., Oct. 13. Those who attend can expect sweet music floating through the park. An added bonus to a park visit is an opportunity to see the scarecrows scattered throughout the grounds.

Dulcimers mean sweet music and friendship to me. I am drawn to those who are associated with dulcimers like flying insects attracted to light. Ever since my late husband and I happened upon the Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Association Festival at Tannehill Historic State Park years ago, we kept returning. He learned to play the instrument. We attended festivals sponsored by Mobile, Pensacola and Fairhope clubs.

I am blessed by the festivals. Each one is an opportunity to make new acquaintances and reunite with old friends.