Mayor takes issue with comments

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2012

During the recent problems befalling the people of River Falls, as mayor of Red Level for the past eight years, I feel that citizens in this community, Onycha, Lockhart and other small towns in this county have been treated somewhat unfairly by some local politicians/public servants. Some seem to have virtually shaken their finger at small towns like River Falls, “warning” them that they had best do what they are sworn to do.

I suppose my sensitivity must stem from knowing that for the past eight years, Red Level has never failed to meet every month as required by the Alabama Code, our record of minutes have been kept complete and up to date, and always available for the public to view. Our council, of which the mayor is a member in small towns, has been professional in every respect, and has always been available for and responsive to the public needs.

Furthermore, I find it curious that small towns like Andalusia, Opp and Florala weren’t referenced along with “Gantt, Red Level, Lockhart, Heath, Sanford, Onycha …” (Andalusia Star-News, Oct. 13, 2012, Page 7A). This indicates that some must hold the belief that the larger “small” towns must be too big to fail.

All I ask is that everyone in all communities not only pay attention to what’s going on with his or her town, but also to support all elected officials all of the time in ther public service. Let’s keep decent people in politics who sincerely only want to improve the community.


Mike Purnell