Good example of democracy

Published 1:08 am Saturday, October 20, 2012

We don’t know Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie Jr., nor do we know much about him. But last week, he set an example many politicians would do well to follow.

The mayor vetoed a plan to extend Prattville’s 1-cent sales tax increase, but the city council put together enough votes to override the veto.

Gillespie was quite the gentleman about it.

“The process has worked. That’s the way it was supposed to be done,” he told reporters. “At this point in time, I’m ready to go out and eat supper with them. We had a difference of opinion. We’re all ready for the city of Prattville to move forward, and that’s what we are planning on doing.”

Far too many in public life take such differences personally, and become sworn enemies as a result. Voters, even, take a difference on a single issue and turn it into opposition.

Mayor Gillespie reminded us that this is how a democracy works. We’d all do well to agree to disagree on some issues, so that we might all work together on the issues we find in common.