Vance will help state continue progress

Published 1:02 am Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dear Editor:

As Alabama’s chief justice, Bob Vance will care more about the Constitution, laws and court system and less about making speeches and bringing attention to himself.

He’ll make us a fair, hard-working chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court. He’ll also efficiently manage the state’s court system, a big job and a major part of the chief justice’s role here.

Judge Vance has gained a reputation as a sober-minded, intelligent and hard-working circuit judge, the kind of judge we can all respect. I read recently that he’s even drawn support from some top Republicans as well as Democrats all over Alabama – including a Republican former Supreme Court justice, Gorman Houston of Eufaula, who served on the court with Judge Roy Moore, Judge Vance’s opponent, and Republican Jack Edwards, a former congressman from Mobile.

When you’re a judge, you throw away your political labels. You’re not a Democrat or Republican. You’re an Alabamian, an American. You uphold the rule of law.

His opponent, Judge Moore, has certainly gained a name for himself, but Judge Vance will not only uphold the ideals in the 10 Commandments, but also the Bill of Rights and the rest of our Constitution.

Judge Vance is more interested in serving the people, than in making a name for himself.

I’m a 68-year-old sixth-generation Alabamian. I’m proud of the positive changes in our state, proud of the progress we’ve made, and Judge Bob Vance will help us continue that progress.

I’m a private citizen, and the Vance campaign doesn’t know about this letter. I’m concerned about the future of Alabama, and I urge you to vote for Judge Bob Vance for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.


Bill Keller