Fire destroys Opp home

Published 5:57 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Opp family is in shock after losing their home in a fire Monday. Now, family members are asking the community to help in the recovery process.

Firefi-ghters responded to the Kolb Avenue home of Terryca Lacey just before 10 p.m. When they left the scene, the home was deemed a complete loss.

Lacey said the fire started because of a faulty electrical outlet. Luckily, she and her four children – Orlando, 14; Jaden, 10; Jayda, 1, and Chinna, 10 months – were not at home when the fire started.

“Actually, I had been at the ER with my oldest son, who’d been hurt at football,” Lacey said. “I went to pick up my other children from my cousin’s and the neighbors came and said, ‘Your house is on fire.’ They were right. We lost everything.”

The Laceys are currently staying with family until their home is repaired.

To help the family, Leigh Bullard Dews of Opp, said clothing donations are now being accepted at Larry’s Prescriptions and Tantastik Tans in Opp.

“I am always proud to say I am from Opp, as we always take care of our own,” Dews said of the drive. “This family lost everything, and any help will be appreciated.”

Sizes needed are:

• Girl: 9-12 months, shoe size 4 or 5;

• Girl: 2T-3T, shoe size 7;

• Boy: XL youth shirt; pants size 16-18, and shoe size 7; and,

• Boy: Large shirt; 32X36 pants, and size 10 shoe.

“It’s amazing that people want to do this for us,” Lacey said. “I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.”