Published 12:03 am Thursday, October 25, 2012


A t Straughn Elementary, students were “socking it to drugs” in celebration of Red Ribbon Week.

Students, as well as others throughout Covington County, held daily themes as part of their participation in the oldest and largest drug prevention campaigns in the country. In 1985, following the murder of a DEA agent, parents, youth and teachers in communities across the country began wearing red ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the destruction caused by drugs.

Those in Covington County are no different, and it’s a mission that teaches a valuable lesson to youth.

“Of course, everyone is greatly concerned about drug use,” said Susan Short, executive director of the Covington County Children’s Policy Council. “Schools are always so innovative when coming up with things to do, and I think the kids enjoy the activities so much.

“Red Ribbon Week is a great way for people to communicate about substance abuse,” she said. “It gives students and teachers a way to take a visible stand against substance abuse. Everyone gets to participate – do all these activities, wear and do certain things. It also gives, not only teachers in the classrooms, but also parents at home, a natural way of talking about how important it is to not use substances that would harm your body.”