Students learn pastry techniques

Published 12:20 am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deontae Maye, Lars Whisonant, Julia Sanders, Travis Price, Ari Carter, Gus Maraman show off their project.

Andalusia High School’s Deloris Bell is searching for the next Jacques Torres, Buddy Valastro, Joan D’Gulz or Keegan Gerhad.

In Bell’s family and consumer sciences class this week, students are busy working on their ideas of cakes and learning different pastry chef techniques.

“We’ve learned to sculpt cakes,” said Travis Price. “Ms. Meg (Megan Halloway from Cakes by Meg) taught us how to ice cakes, and it’s so fun.”

Price said the class has had the opportunity to create their own versions of cakes.

“I’ve learned how to take a chocolate and vanilla cake and create a marble cake,” he said. “Oh, and a rainbow one.”

Quentaejah Jones said she’s known for a few years that her dream job is to be a pastry chef, so this class is really fun to her.

“My daddy and grandma inspired me,” she said. “We’ve learned different designs. We’ve also learned to write with icing; make pastry bags and strip icing, which is when you use different colors to make rainbow colors.”

Ali Brown said she’s really enjoyed making cake patterns, learning how to ice and color cakes.

Price said they also learned how to make homemade substitutes when they don’t have specific ingredients.

Bell said students have chosen to make things such as robots, butterflies, American eagles, flamingos, peacocks, swans and elephants.

“We’ll finish these cakes up Thursday,” Bell said.