Don’t forget to set clocks back

Published 1:23 am Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunday marks daylight savings time, so locals should remember to set their clocks back an hour before going to bed Saturday.

It is believed that Ben Franklin—of the “early to bed and early to rise” fame – was the first person to suggest the concept of daylight savings, but it wasn’t until World War I that daylight savings were realized on a grand scale. Germany was the first state to adopt the time changes, to reduce artificial lighting and thereby save coal for the war effort. Others soon followed suit.

A federal law standardized the yearly start and end of daylight saving time in 1918 in the U.S., but states or territories are not required to observe daylight saving time.

So, The Star-News launched a Facebook poll, asking readers which time frame they prefer – “to fall back” or “to spring forward?” The results were mixed, but of those responding, 60 percent said they prefer to “fall back.” Why? The extra hour of sleep, of course.

“I love the cool, dark evenings – perfect for soup, chili or breakfast food at suppertime,” said Florala’s Kim Williamson. “And that extra hour of sleep.”

Jane Ricks said she loves to “fall back” because, “It’s easier to get up in the mornings.”

Tim Hardage said he also loves this time because “it’s the best weather of the year.”

Kim Kimbril and others have a practical reason for choosing “spring forward.”

“Less deer on the road,” Kimbril said.

“I love the daylight,” said Donna Turner. “You can get more done when you get home from school or work.”

Gayle Rawls and Lisa Ammons Teachnor agreed.

“Spring forward – you can get more done,” Rawls said.