Hei: There’s no such thing as a hero

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 10, 2012



T he patriotism was strong at Friday’s Andalusia Middle School Veteran’s Day program as Col. (Ret.) Ron Hei addressed the packed house crowd Friday.

Hei, who spoke of his 21-year military career, shared military history and valuable lessons to the gym filled with students, family and area veterans.

“So why are here today?” Hei asked. “We are here are because of the men and women who have sacrificed such for our freedom. I urge you to think about the people who’ll step up to the plate and fight for our freedom. There will always be wars; so, we need to strengthen our nation, educate ourselves, believe in faith, God and country and prepare for our future.”

Hei talked about the conflicts throughout history and those who played important roles in the nation’s history.

In Covington County, there are 3,543 veterans, he said.

“Military service is a calling that I hope many of you accept,” he said to the student body. “Remember, there is no such thing as a hero, because that is someone who put aside their fear and did a selfless act. Ask them and see if they think of themselves as a hero. The answer is ‘no.’”

Also as part of the service the late Judy Armstrong, an AMS teacher, was honored by Jennifer Palmer and her son, Ryan, a Boy Scout.

Armstrong, along with Andalusia resident Elmo Lewis, is credited with establishing the first AMS Veteran’s Day program, during which students interview and write letters to area veterans. Veterans and their sponsoring students are then invited to a reception following the assembly.

Also attending were Troop 46 of the Boy Scouts of America, who presented the colors for the day. Students leading the gathering were Sim Bowden, who gave invocation; Rachel Dayton, Student Government Association president; Ashlan Kelley; Aaliyah Lawrence, SGA secretary; and Justin Gibbs. Performances were also given by the AMS band and student performance group “All the Way.”