River Falls water bills coming

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pay it or get shut off – or that’s what River Falls town council members said Tuesday about the residents’ soon-to-be issued water bills.

For years, billing for water usage has been intermittent. Some customers were billed, while others were not. Months would also go by without a bill being issued, council members agreed.

The last time the water meters were read was in Septe-mber. As of October, therewere outstanding water bills totalling $43,533.

Mayor Patricia Gunter read some balances ranging from $300 to $1,252 in arrears.

Bills for September, October and November have not be issued.

“What we have to decide is how to start from this point forward,” Gunter said.

Councilman Gary Wages said, “We need to start billing. We need the money bad. We’re in the red, and something has to be done.”

Councilwoman Mattie Freeney said some residents have never gotten a water bill, but one local resident said she didn’t understand why people didn’t pay their bills.

“We know we have bills, so you pay them,” the resident said. “If I didn’t get a bill, I would have looked into it. (Those that have bills) that’s their fault.”

The council agreed to bill for September and to have a water meter check to ensure everyone is being billed for the water usage.

Residents are asked to contact town hall to obtain their past due balance. Council members stated previously they would work with those willing to pay their arrearages; however, “Know that if you’re not paying your bill, we’re going to shut you off,” Wages said.