AHS senior part of NYC Macy’s parade

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, November 21, 2012



When watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday, keep an eye out for a familiar Andalusia face – AHS senior and varsity cheerleader Courtney Finley.

Finley was selected to attend the 86th annual parade during the UCA Cheer Camp, the annual cheer camp attended by the AHS squad this past June in Panama City Beach, Fla. Finley is one of 12 girls chosen from each state. And while Finley said there are only “a handful of Alabama girls” attending, the atmosphere is much different than at home.

“New York City is like a whole different world compared to Andalusia,” Finley said. “There are so many different people. Celebrities and other well-known people walk around like normal people here. It is crazy to think that I met Gabby Douglas, the star Olympian, (on Monday). It is crazy here. There is always something exciting going on, and there is so much to do.”

Not that there is a lot of time for sightseeing, as the girls have spent eight hours a day practicing for the parade. Finley arrived in NYC Saturday with her parents, Kandise and Mike Finley.

“We did get to squeeze in a Broadway show and a Statue of Liberty Harbor cruise, which was great,” Finley said.

On Thursday, millions will tune in via live streams, television or in person to Macy’s 2012 Thanksgiving Day Parade for its 86th annual celebration, with its marching bands, performers, celebrities, giant helium balloons and ornate floats.

When asked how locals can spot her on TV, Finley said, “Look for me everywhere. We change formations about five times. I start out on the second row towards the center. In the second formation, I’m on the front row on the right of the formation. In the third formation, I’m building in the center of the formation then I end up on second row then the first again. It’s an intense routine, lots of movement and excitement.”

The parade will be televised beginning at 9 a.m. EST on CBS as well as the parade’s official broadcaster NBC. In addition to the TV broadcast, Macy’s launched an official “Macy’s Parade” app on the iTunes store for viewers to get updates and facts about the parade.

A live stream to watch the parade online is available on NBC with eight different views of the parade including the ParadeCam, the StreetCam, the North View, the South View, the Crossroads, the Bird’s Eye View and the CrowdCam.

With all of that coverage, locals are bound to catch a glimpse of Finley among the crowd.