How would you stuff your turkey?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 22, 2012

What could be more of a Thanksgiving tradition than stuffing the turkey?

Red Level Elementary students shared how they would stuff a turkey in light of today’s national holiday.

RLES fifth grader Sage Ward said first you’ve got to clean the turkey out, “besides some certain meat.”

“Then, you cut it open and you stuff it with sage and all of that,” Ward said.

Lexi Savage, a fifth grader, agreed with Ward about cleaning the turkey first.

“After you clean it, you take the bread stuff and stick it in the turkey,” she said.

Fourth grader Caleb Jernigan prefers South Alabama ingenuity in how to stuff a turkey.

“You cut it open with a pocket knife and put the stuffing in it,” Jernigan said. “Then, you close it back up and you cook it.”

Sixth grader Ethan Edson said one would have to cut the turkey’s head off and stuff the dressing inside the bird.

Some people like to cook the turkey first and then stuff it, just like fifth grader James O’Reilly.

“What I would do is I would cook the turkey first and then have the dressing and take a spoon full of it and put it in the turkey,” he said.

Sixth grader Bradyn Hall was honest and said he didn’t know how to stuff a turkey.

“I’d do the same thing Ethan does,” Hall said.