Published 12:05 am Tuesday, November 27, 2012


F ear the jug. It’s the motto for the long-standing tradition of Straughn Tiger fans – milk jugs, filled with an assortment of items such as rocks, BBs, beads and loose change, used to show support and displeasure at football games.

A dedicated group of fans felt so strongly about the homemade noise makers that they spent the entire weekend constructing approximately 70 jugs for the Friday night semi-final playoff game against Fayette County. The playoff progression is a first for the team since 1975.

The jugs were donated by Jennifer and Neal King, said Amanda Hart, who is also known as a die-hard SHS fan, project coordinator, head jug maker and mother of No. 3 and junior Brennan Head.

Hart was joined by other faithful SHS fans, Terri Watson, Tanya Mancil and her daughter, Taylor.

Another 30 to 40 jugs will be delivered today to SHS cheerleaders for decorating for Friday’s game.

“(The jugs) is something we’ve always done in Straughn,” Hart said. “It’s just our way to show how much we support Straughn Tiger football.

“You can believe we’ll be ready on Friday,” she said. “Go Tigers!”

Star-News sports editor Andrew Garner credited the noisemakers – and the fans wielding them – for the Tigers’ many wins this season.

“When fans use the jugs, it’s extremely loud, deafening almost,” Garner said. “It’s a great defensive move for the Tigers because the other team can’t hear, and they really don’t know when to hike the ball, because they aren’t aware the clock is running down.”

Garner said the practice is a great way for the team to be welcomed onto the field and in celebration of a job well done.

“Straughn stadium, with its acoustics, is just right for a football game of this magnitude,” he said. “They will be playing in front of a hometown crowd, which is motivation in itself, but when that crowd is pumped, it will make for an awesome ballgame.”