Opp explores way to turn garbage into cash

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 7, 2012


The city of Opp is currently exploring two means to make more money in the garbage and recycling sector of the city.

The mayor and council is currently exploring purchasing a set of scales for the city’s landfill.

Councilman Arlin Davis reported in a work session this week that he and Councilman Bobby Ray Owens had traveled to Victoria to check out their scales.

“They are above ground and a lot nicer,” he said. “They have less maintenance.”

Mayor John Bartholomew said the city is exploring purchasing the scales in order to make more money on the loads of garbage taken to the landfill on a weekly basis.

“Our fees are low,” he said. “All cities around here have scales. We are behind and need to get up-to-date.”

Bartholomew said a set of scales would cost between $45,000 to $50,000, but said the city would make back its money within a year.

Currently the city collects a mere $10 to $20 per load of garbage hauled into the landfill.

“We could be getting $300 on some of those loads,” Bartholomew said.

Additionally, the city is entertaining the idea of getting into the recycling business, Bartholomew said.

“If we take the recycling out, it will cut down on our tipping fee,” he said. “The man over in Andalusia said we have a gold mine.”

The council said they hope the recycling project can become a community project, but said they are looking at city planner Jason Bryan to help orchestrate a grant.