Pay attention, report abuse

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 8, 2012

Animal advocates are incredibly compassionate and generous, which can make them vulnerable to scams like the alleged one by Andalusia residents who operated Animal Aid Rescue & Resources, Inc. The details of their recent arrest should be examined closely by all.

As a seemingly legitimate non-profit rescue, they hid in plain sight while preying on people who love animals. There are so many victims here, but every victim of the scam had a choice – except their children and the helpless animals.

Legitimate animal welfare organizations don’t need to hide behind closed doors or the Internet. They operate like a business with transparency and accountability, provide tours of their facility and respond to questions with verifiable information. They keep accurate financial records and data available at all times.

Please pay attention and report suspected abuse to enforcement officers. Please donate responsibly and demand accountability for your donation. The real victims are depending on us.


Debra Evans