Thanks for supporting tour

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Friends:

On behalf of The Luncheon Pilot Club of Andalusia, I wish to express appreciation for the tremendous support of so many friends in the community for the club’s Christmas Tour of Homes.

First and foremost I wish to thank Nicole & Greg Adkison, Beckie & Jimmy Barton, Shan & Dr. Robert Burkhardt, Jennifer Scherzinger, and Harold’s Furniture and Flooring for their cooperation in the “Tour of Homes.” Without the willingness and cooperation of the four host families and Harold’s, there would not have been a “Tour of Homes” to enjoy. Each home was beautifully decorated and the refreshments at Harold’s were delicious and appreciated.

The Luncheon Pilot Club would like to extend a very special “thank you” to Blake Barton for his help in selecting our homes as well as helping homeowners in their decorating needs when requested.

We would also like to thank those involved for the excellent publicity. It was very generous and very much appreciated by the Luncheon Pilot Club.

WAAO allowed members of Luncheon Pilot to be interviewed on TV and WFXX allowed club members to be interviewed on air. Both WFXX and WAAO provided radio spots along with enthusiasm and encouragement.

The Andalusia Star-News provided newspaper coverage. The almost full page advertising was tastefully designed and very much appreciated.

Last but certainly not least, “thank you” to all who bought tickets and toured these beautiful homes and hospitality center on a wonderful Sunday afternoon.


Lisa Patterson