Bane baby born on 12-12-12

Published 12:03 am Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Bane family is no stranger to fantastic birthdays.

So, it came as no surprise when Sally and Bradley Bane of Elba welcomed Jacks Foster Bane into the world at 8:25 a.m. Wednesday – 12-12-12 – at Andalusia Regional Hospital.

The couple’s first son, 3-year-old Powell, was born on Jan. 14 – Sally’s birthday.

On Nov. 7, Mrs. Bane’s sister welcomed a child, which just happened to be her birthday as well.

But, believe it or not, Mrs. Bane didn’t want her son to have such a famous birthday, no matter how lucky some might think it.

“I work in insurance at Elba General Hospital, and with him having a repetitive birthday, insurance computers will throw it out,” she said jokingly. “Years ago, it was a cheat the industry used when a birthday wasn’t known. Now, I foresee some issues with Jacks’ paperwork.”

In actuality, the family was more than pleased to welcome its newest addition.

“We tried to have him (on Tuesday), but he was (turned wrong),” she said. “Dr. Wells – who is wonderful – turned Jacks the right way and started to induce, but I had to take a break that night.

“Jacks decided to turn back, so I had to have a C-section,” she said. “And thankfully, all went well. He’s a fine healthy baby boy. And the staff here (at ARH) is wonderful. I couldn’t imagine having my babies anywhere else.”

Both of the Banes’ sons are named after their great-grandfathers, she said.