DTF nabs 3 for meth in road block

Published 7:12 pm Monday, December 17, 2012

A Saturday roadblock in the Fleeta Comm-unity netted three arrests – including one who allegedly hid meth in his crotch in an attempt to sneak it into the county jail.

A joint operation with Covin-gton County Sheriff deputies, Alabama State Troopers and Drug Task Force agents, the arrests were made in a matter of minutes of each other, DTF Commander Mark Odom said Monday.

Arrested first were Jeremy D. Sorrells and Bradford F. Boothe, both 31.


Odom said while speaking to the two, CCSO Sgt. Jeff Daniel noticed they seemed nervous.

Daniels asked Sorrells, the driver, to pull over to the side of the road and to step out of the vehicle.

During a pat-down check for weapons, Sgt. Daniels found a clear plastic bag containing what he believed to be meth on Sorrell’s person. Odom said Sorrells then admitted that there was a used medical syringe that contained meth residue in the car.

A search of Boothe revealed similar items as well, including a glass smoking device, Odom said.

That was when DTF agents were contacted, he said.

Odom said the two were taken into custody, charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and transported to the county jail.

“While at the jail, corrections officers located another substance believed to be methamphetamine hidden in Boothe’s crotch area, and based on that find, he was also charged with second-degree promoting prison contraband.”

Sorrells’ was held on a $13,000 bond, while Boothe was detained on a $23,000 bond.

At the same vehicle safety checkpoint and a few moments later, Trooper Stephen Langham stopped a car driven by 42-year-old Rex Dewayne Messick. Messick was allegedly carrying a round plastic container believed to be filled with meth and a glass smoking device containing meth residue.

Langham also recovered a medical syringe in Messick’s left front pants pocket, Odom said.

He was charged with possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and booked into the county jail under a $13,000 bond. Court records also indicate that Messick was on probation in Coffee County.

“I can not imagine an addiction being so strong that you would risk your freedom for it,” Odom said. “Each of these guys have done just that. Maybe this arrest will be the key to them getting clean and stop putting this poison in their bodies. I pray for them and their families because for so long, I have seen it destroy so many lives. I just wish these addicts would wake up.”

Odom said those with a drug or alcohol addiction can contact his office or the Office of the District Attorney for recovery help.

“We had much rather try to help someone get clean than lock them up,” he said. “We have never turned anyone away that was truly seeking a way out of addiction. If you want it, we will help. Otherwise, eventually, you will be arrested.”