Straughn, Opp girls to spar tonight

Published 12:02 am Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fundamentals have been a main focus for Straughn and Opp’s girls basketball teams as they prepare for tonight’s epic area battle at OHS.

SHS (11-1) has cruised through the season with a team that uses fast breaks and strong defense.

On the other side, the Lady Bobcats’ (7-0) defensive schemes and transition have been their “bread and butter,” OHS coach SaRhonda Dickerson said.

“We’re just focused on our basic principles and game plan, sticking to what we know,” Dickerson said. “We rely on our offense to set up our defense.”

SHS coach Scott Kinsaul said it’s going to take blocking out and fundamentals to compete against Opp’s size.

“We’re not short,” he said about his girls. “We’ve got some good tall girls as well. We’ll just keep doing what we keep doing.”

Straughn already has a Class 3A, Area 2 game under its belt. The Lady Tigers beat Excel on Friday 62-10.

Kinsaul did say that his main concern for tonight’s game is Opp’s rebounding.

“They’ll be one of the best, if not the best team we’ve faced so far,” he said. “They’ve got a good team with good people and good coaching.”

Concentrating on playing defense is a big key tonight, Kinsaul said.

“If we make shots on offense, it’ll be hard for them to get after it,” he said.

Dickerson said it hasn’t been about the Lady Bobcats’ next opponent at practice.

“All we’ve done is prepare ourselves and are working on fundamentals to make sure we’re prepared,” she said.

Tip off is right after the B-team game.