Christmas is over; what’s next Santa?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Since it’s Dec. 26, that means one thing – Christmas is over.

So, now that the sled’s all put away, and Santa is relaxin’ at the North Pole, The Star-News staff asked area children what St. Nick is doing on his first official day off.

Bryce Brown said Santa was a man who needed to take care of business before vacation.

“He’s going to go into the workshop, look around and see what a mess it is,” Brown said. “Then, he got to put the reindeer up.”

Jonetae Lawson agreed with Brown, saying that Christmas Eve is the real holiday at the North Pole.

“He don’t get a break,” Lawson said of Santa. “He tells them elves to get back to work.”

Cameyon Franklin said sitting with a cold beverage was how Santa spends his first day off.

“He gets a beer, sits on chair and watches ‘Cops’ on TV,” Franklin said.

Connor Dalton agreed with Franklin about the beverage, but not the temperature of it.

“He takes his hot chocolate machine and makes up cup, throws out the leftover carrots for the reindeer and then watches the Grinch on TV,” Dalton said.

Dianna-Grace Nelson disagreed with them all, saying Santa was enjoying some hard-earned rest.

“He’s going to bed,” she said. “He’s too tired to do anything else.”