CSC asks churches to up ante on food donations

Published 12:02 am Friday, December 28, 2012

The amount of food distributed at the Christian Service Center has increased every year for the past nine years and now officials are reaching out to local churches to step up their contributions.

The Rev. Leroy Cole, who is the CSC director, said last month that the center had already surpassed last year’s 204,000 pounds.

At the end of November, the center had given out around 234,000 pounds.

“We’re distributing about 20,000 pounds of food a month,” he said. “We’re seeing about 530 families a month at all three centers.”

A little less than half of the food distributed comes from the Mobile food bank, which is around 11,000 pounds per month.

The rest of the more than 20,000 pounds comes from donations from churches, schools, residents and businesses.

Cole is now asking local churches to step up their once a year collection to three times a year.

“Your collections have helped provide food assistance for all these years,” he said a monthly newsletter. “It is now time to ask you to please increase your support. We need each church to collect at least three times per year.”

Cole said that any non-perishable food item is a welcomed donation.

“Many times, I have been asked what items are needed,” he said. “Any canned vegetables, dried peas or beans, rice, pasta, canned meats or any non-perishable item. If each church member could just purchase an extra five pounds when they buy their groceries, it would be a tremendous help to us as we strive to help those who otherwise would not be able to eat.”

Churches are asked to bring their collections to the CSC nearest to their church at the end of the month.

For more info, call 222-3840 or 222-3009.