Resolved to get on with living

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The sunlight slips through the trees as I sit sipping a cup of tea. As I watch out the window, the leaves sparkle in the morning light.

“Nice way to start the last day of 2012,” I say to the cat sleeping at my feet.

When I fed my herd of pets, there was a layer of ice in the fountain. The outside cats, enjoying their first winter experience, aren’t sure what to make of their frozen drinking hole.

“Cold start to the end of this year,” I tell the balls of fur purring up at me.

Yep, this cold morning is the final day of a year that feels like it flew by. Of course, years seem to do that as I get older.

So, I’m sitting, sipping and thinking about the months before this morning. Lots of things happen in the space of 12 months, some happy, some sad. People exit and enter our lives and we move through the experiences feeling the emotions of those comings and goings. There are moments of good news and minutes bringing less than glad tidings.

This day as I take stock of experiences, I wonder at how it all fits together, how each day, each month, each year builds on the one before to create our lives. I have a deep sense there is a perfect plan at work here even if I can’t quite grasp how it works.

Lots of questions whirl in my head as the cat at my feet stretches, circles and then returns to his napping.

“Cats don’t think about old years ending and new ones beginning,” I say, rubbing his head. “You pay attention to whether there is food in the bowl or a hand available for petting. You are probably smarter than humans.”

Animals don’t think about making new resolutions or taking stock of how successful they were keeping old ones. Maybe that’s a good idea for those who walk upright and are supposed to be more intelligent.

The sun goes behind a cloud and the world outside takes on a gray-green look. I pull my robe down and tuck my cold feet under me.

“Maybe I’ll sit right here and wait for 2013 to arrive,” I tell the cat who is now lying in my lap. “You feel nice and warm; you can wait for the New Year with me.”

I read a comment from a friend who said she has no plans for resolutions because she is happy with her life the way it is today. She said she doesn’t like change.

I’m happy too, but I’m realistic enough to know change is inevitable. Living is change. Things that are stagnant cease to flow and to grow and finally to live.

So that leaves me in a quandary on this New Year’s Eve. To resolve or not to resolve…

The cat yawns and then hops down. He looks up at me and I know it’s a request to visit his food bowl with him.

“So, cat, we are going to go about business as usual on this last day of 2012,” I say uncurling myself from the chair. “Well, let’s go.”

Even as I say the words, I realize I’ve found my resolution for the New Year.

I resolve in 2013 to live every day getting on with the business of living. That means not too much looking back, not so much trying to look ahead. I’ll do my best, to do my best and to be my best right where I am at the moment.

“What do you think about that resolution, cat?” I say, scooping food into his bowl.

He wraps himself around my leg, looks up at me with what I swear is a smile and gives a loud meow.

“Happy New Year to you too, cat,” I answer, and then I get on with living this last day of 2012.