CEC customers can prepay

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Residents who purchase their power through Covington Electric Cooperative have the opportunity to prepay for a set amount of kilowatt-hours and avoid delinquent fees and deposits for service.

The program was instituted a year ago and some 760 customers are participating.

The automated “pay as you go” system notifies a member when their kilowatt-hours are getting low. They can call CEC 24 hours a day, seven days a week to purchase more electricity. Members can also go by any CEC office during regular business hours to make purchases.

CEC General Manager Ed Short believes this program is a win-win situation for CEC members.

“CEC is owned by its members and we don’t believe it’s reasonable to allow the co-op to be negatively impacted by excessive write-offs. The Flex Advantage program is a great option for people who struggle to afford a higher deposit. It enables any individual to obtain electric service at CEC for less than $100, regardless of their past credit history. This program as well as other service options provided by CEC, were made in an ongoing effort to provide excellent service while pursuing ways of improving efficiency at CEC,” Short said.

If you are a CEC member and would like to learn more about the Flex Advantage program, please call 222-4121 or 1-800-239-4121 for more information, or stop by any CEC office.