Here’s the sign

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Am I the only female who is more concerned about how her driver’s license photo will turn out than what is written on the back of the computer where they seat you before the final strike? Be warned, ladies or gentlemen, if this applies to you.

Every time I’ve had to show my drive’s license for any reason during the past year, I would remind myself that November would be here before I knew it and with holidays coming up I didn’t want to forget to make that trip to the county courthouse. Just a few days before my birthday I was having a pretty good hair day so I figured I might as well get it done.

I’ve never had a problem with getting my license renewed but this time was a little different because I had remarried after my husband of 52 years passed away. However, my new name was not the problem, but the fact that I had acquired a post office box six months ago. No, I didn’t move and when I was handed the slip of paper to confirm that the information was correct, I said yes and something like this; if you have a forward on your address, the State of Alabama will not forward your license. Well, it totally slipped my mind to let the State of Alabama know that I had a post office box! Maybe I read the sign, ut it didn’t register in my preoccupied brain. What it means is, if you have moved or obviously if you have a post office box since the last renewal and you didn’t tell the clerk, you won’t receive your driver’s license.

Who’s to blame here? Shouldn’t the clerk have been more responsible to clarify all the information? After all, I am a senior citizen. The postal service has been gracious to place all that unsolicited mail in our box for the past six months so what happened when my license came into their mail room! And then there’s the state license bureau. Why would they even think about charging a senior citizen twice for a driver’s license! Why, I’ve never even had a ticket, much less a wreck! There must have been some way they could rectify this obvious error!

Well, I tried to get the situation turned in my favor, but it all came down to the fact that I didn’t read the sign! That puts the blame on me; so be warned ladies and gentlemen, when you go to renew those driver’s license be sure to read the sign and tell them if you have acquired a post office box since you last renewed or if you have a forward on your address. I wonder if the new license might be extended for 10 years instead of five; I did pay twice.

Bert Jackson Fegaro