Florala residents pay tribute to Dr. King’s legacy

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, January 22, 2013


M embers of the Florala community gathered to walk in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory Monday.

Some 50 people – even toddlers pulled in little red wagons – began the trek from the Carver Community Center through town just before lunch; however, before the walk began Pastor Robyn Burnett spoke of the event’s organizer, the late Elaine Stone.

“As I was getting ready to come here, I was watching on TV as President Barack Obama and Vice-President (Joe) Biden were walking down to be sworn in,” Burnett said. “I know that many of you would rather be in front of the TV watching that, but you didn’t, and (Stone) would be thrilled to see the people here.

“When I think of what is yet to come, I get excited,” she said. “It was Dr. King’s wish for all of us to go on, but we need to ensure our own community goes on.”

Councilwoman Hazel Lee spoke of attending school at Carver and encouraged community youth to “have big dreams.” She exacted a promise from those attending to work toward that dream.

“It’s a much different time here than it was then,” Lee said. “Then, it was bleak and there didn’t appear to be a bright future for young people. Not today. Dr. King stood for your future, and he would expect you to stand tall, to succeed and not fail, and be all you can be.”