NAACP president: Roadblocks unfair to District 4

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday night’s Opp City Council meeting got a little fiery when resident Aaron Bogen approached the council for at least the third time since November.

Bogen’s complaint this time was that there were too many road blocks in District 4, a minorty district.

Bogen claimed that the roadblocks were unfair to the district.

District 2 Councilman T.D. Morgan told Bogen that he had solicited a list of road blocks in Opp since the new administration took office.

Morgan’s list included:

• Nov. 8: Perry Store Road at Saunders Road;

• Nov. 9: Barnes Street and the Florala Hwy;

• Dec. 6: Fairview Avenue and N. Spurlin St.;

• Dec. 18: Walding St. and Samuel Ave;

• Jan. 2: Walding St.

• Jan. 5: West Cummings at Billy Brown Car Lot;

• Jan. 6: State Hwy. 52 at Saunders Road;

• Jan. 6: 331 N. at Lake Grocery;

• Jan. 18: 8th St. at Kye Avenue;

• Jan. 18: Perry Store at city limits;

• Jan. 19: Hwy. 84E at Old Elba Road;

• Jan. 25: Cool Springs Road at Boothe;

• Jan. 25: Beulah Road and Brandy Road;

• Jan. 25: Opine Road and Dan

• Jan. 26: W. Cumming Avenue at Bill Brown Car Lot;

• Feb. 1: W. Cumming Avenue at Bill Brown Car Lot;

• Feb. 2: 84E at Old Elba Road

• Feb. 3: Florala Hwy South at Barnes Street;

• Feb. 7: Cool Springs Road at Booth Blvd;

• Feb: 8: 8th St. at Kye Ave.;

• Feb. 8: W. Cumming Avenue at Billy Brown Car Lot;

• Feb. 9: Maloy Street at MLK Drive;

• Feb. 14: 8th Street at Kye Ave;

• Feb 14: Kye Avenue at 10th Street.

“Only four or five of those (24) are in District 4,” Morgan said.

Morgan told Bogen residents shouldn’t be worried if they have all the needed documentation at a roadblock, like a license and proof of insurance.

“Next time I come, it will be with legal (representation),” Bogen said.

After the meeting, District 4 Councilwoman Mary Brundidge said she would have to look into the issue further.


“I do know that when I worked for the police department for 31 years, that there were some places that would have (road blocks) and even the dispatchers never knew,” she said.

Brundidge said she needed to talk to more people in her district on the issue before she made any more comments.