CCS seeks AASB help in super hunt

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 23, 2013

To find the system’s next superintendent, the Covington County School Board is turning to the Alabama Association of school boards for help.

Superintendent Terry Holley announced earlier this month that he will retire at the end of August, ending a 36-year career in education. Holley, who was previously a principal at Florala High School, was appointed superintendent in July 2009.

Board members met Friday to discuss the vacancy announcement and selection process.

As members of the AASB, the system can contract with the organization to assist in process, said board member Jeff Bailey.

“If (the AASB) came, it would go over much more smoothly,” James Prestwood, board president, said of the process.

Bailey said it will take a “uniquely qualified candidate” to become the county’s next superintendent.

“I don’t think this is a job where you can train someone as an administrator,” Bailey said. “What we say are the exact requirements for the job, I don’t know. We need someone to help us figure that out. I think once we do that, then the choice will become clear in the interview.”

Bailey and fellow board member Lynda Powell said one decision the board must make is in regards to advertising for the position.

“The interest in this position is not just locally,” Bailey said. “I’ve been very surprised at the interest and the number of calls I’ve gotten already, and we haven’t officially began accepting applications.”

Board members also must decide to seek candidates on a regional or national level, Powell said.

“I think all these things and how we determine our additional criteria for a new superintendent is something the AASB can help us with,” Bailey said. “I think we’ll have a high number of quality candidates.”

Board members hope to have a selection process presentation by AASB officials at its March meeting.

Before adjourning, board members agreed to add an additional $5,000 to Holley’s salary and to declare his post vacancy on July 1. Holley will remain on staff until Aug. 31 to aid in the transition for the new superintendent. Holley’s salary was $101,050 before the increase.