It wouldn’t be ‘Cookies’ without the characters

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 23, 2013


The annual Meredith’s Miracles Cookies With Characters event will be held today, Feb. 23, at the Kiwanis Community Center.

Shows will be held at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., with doors opening one hour prior to curtain.





• Photo Booth Mickey: Charlie Brock and Tori Mack

• Photo Booth Minnie: Kat Dean and Oscar Martinez

• Mickey: Sung Mo and Hannah Miller

• Minnie: Ashlan Kelley and Shelby Reed

• Pluto: Terrance Lane and Hiren Patel

• Goofy: Cooper Gooden and Will Harrison

• Daisy: Kaylee Kuhn and Tiffany Jones

• Donald: Ben Parker

• Thor: Carl Crigger

• Hulk: Ethan Jones

• Capt. America: Hampton Glenn

• Ironman: Zach Parker

• Spiderman: Ian Peek

• Cinderella: Mallory Smithart

• Prince Charming: Ben Jackson

• Jasmine: Jennifer Botta

• Aladdin: John Reid McGlamory

• Ariel: Emily Pierce

• Prince Eric: Taylor King

• Belle: Halle Burkehardt

• Beast: Darrius Davis and Sydney O’Brian

• Sleeping Beauty: Belle Spurlin

• Snow White: Emily Kelly

• Rapunzel: Anna Payne

• Tianna: Pierre Johnson

• Pocahontas: Emily Carerro

• Mirada: Sydney Brunson

• Tinkerbell: Morgan Dove

• Capt. Hook: Travis Price

• Jake: Christian Wossilek

• Curious George: Alexandria Selman

• Man in the Yellow Hat: Jacob Mosley

• Barney: Breanna Mayhall and Cassidy Dunn

• Hello Kitty: Hallie Harrison and Ali Brown

• SpongeBob: Angel May and Trenton Mancill

• Patrick: Brittany Alfred

• Dora: Daisey Fowler and Laken Howell

• Diego: Deagan Fowler

• Buzz: Haley Maxey

• Woody: Caleb Zessin

• Mike:: Joey Franklin and Taran Carrasco

• Sully: Jeremy Boyd

• Elmo: Nigel Byrd and Peyton Harris

• Cookie Monster: Taylor Whitman and Menna Williamson

• Big Bird: Krystal Nelson and Cheyanne Mitchell

• Alvin: Avery Jones and Emily Townson

• Theo: Belton Davis and Alma Cassey

• Simon: Shun Parker and Tori Whitehurst

• Papa Smurf: Beth Johnson and KeAnna Tennyson

• Clumsy: Jarin Fowler and Cheyenne Hartin

• Smurfette: Ariel Huckaba and Abbie Young

• Mario: Samantha Rolling and Mary Johnson

• Luigi: Devan Ellis and Judy Johnson